Her skin begins to crawl, like the bugs of her own past are waking up.

Austimus Prime

Her skin begins to crawl.

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imvu.com i'm PanicBaby
Name Austin
Gender Female
Age 16
Location Detroit, MI
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Interested in Both
Status Single

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IM Stuntsliebe@yahoo.com


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Image: Uruha, the Gazette. Arena 37 Special Vol.48.
Jrock Scans@livejournal.com
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autobot Pictures, Images and PhotosAustimus Prime™
Gender: Female♀
Status: Single ♕
Zodiac: Scorpio♏
Orientation: Bi ♡
Quote: Her skin begins to crawl, like the bugs of her own past are waking up.


Austin's DeviantART Austin's Imeem Austin's JackassWorld Austin's VampireFreaks

I'm The kind of person that when a kid in my school is absent for more than a few days...I instantly assume them dead.

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please to check out CCRC click-->

Stripped to the bone

hello, I'm Austin and that's my real name. i'm a GIRL -.-' I love to draw and take pictures.
I'm a CCRC Volunteer, i'm at petco at 4820 S. Baldwin Rd. in Lake Orion near Great Lakes Crossing on Sundays from 12-4pm with are shelter dogs for Adoption. I love animals and am doing my part to find all these lovable dogs homes.
Video games and the computer are my favorite things in my house. I'm home schooled at the moment and am learning how hard it is to be away from friends.
I'm random and weird, even Crazy at times. I sleep with my three dogs on a full size bed every night. i'm working on my weight and am on a diet.
I love anime, all animes, i love peole that love anime toooo. Naruto and Inuyasha are the big ones i love.
more info:
i'm Pudgy and i want to be a plus size model. i'm a good liar but never use it. my eyes are brown along with my real hair color, right now its red/orange. i am reading or writing ALL the time and i also collect the "love is..." from the newspaper. i make things like hats with ears and sell them. some say i'm punk, emo, scene, or goth, i'm just me i hate labels, they are for soup cans. i never not have my cellphone and i-pod, my camera, sketch pad, notebook, or my Pokemon pencil and my favorite black pen. i take anti-depressants for my own good, if i die at least i will go happy.
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it's my favorite thing to drink,

giver it to me and i'll love you,

The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well, so calm down we don't want this rape to become a murder...

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this Kisame picture was made by: http://akakoneko.deviantart.com/ in no way is it mine!

things i don't like/ dislike:

i don't like when people are messing around and i get pushed on a bed.
i dislike people grabbing my hips and pulling me towards them. (coming up and hugging me from behind is ok.)
i don't like people holding my wrists tightly.
i hate moths.
i dislike my birthday and new years.
i think thats it.
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Yoshi Eggwhat i mostly want to be when i get older is a plus size model. i think i can do it if i try and who knows maybe someday you will see me in a magazine.

Yoshi Egganother dream i hope to make come true is to learn the drums and have rachel be vocals and guitarist. i want to make my own band ^-^
i'm in hufflepuff!

Favorite Music:

Dir en grey, Malice Mizer, Antic Cafe, LM.C, Ayabie, Bis, Alice Nine, Phantasmagoria, L'arc-en-Ciel, Miyavi, Vidoll, X-Japan, Gackt, Buck Tick, Girugamesh, Nightmare, The Gazette, Kra, Moon Kana, HIM, Blood hound gang, Greenday, A7X, Hinder, Buckcherry, Slipknot, Apocalyptica, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Aerosmith, Creed, Escape the fate, ETHS, Evanescence, Foo Fighters, From First to Last, Kerli, Lenka, Lustra, Murderdolls, MCR, The Used, OneRepuplic, Paramore, Pink, Seether, Shinedown, Sixx:AM, Sugarcult, Tantric, Thousand Foot Krutch, Three Days Grace, Tokio Hotel, Trapt, We the Kings, Wednesday 13, more to come...


Pokemon caramelldansen Pictures, Images and Photos
drawing, writing, taking pictures, watching movies, playing with layouts, Asian films with subtitles, being single, ANIME, Naruto! Chouji Icon Pictures, Images and Photos my favorite pokemon are Abra and Haunter! Abra Pictures, Images and Photoshaunter Pictures, Images and Photos
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